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How Me Time Makes Better You Time

Hi! I am writing this sitting on a floating dock at a place called the Giving Pond. So appropriately named because it is giving me sun, serenity, breeze, wildlife, quiet, beauty. Here’s a moment about taking self care, and I’d like you to join me, so first let’s take that really deep breath, so that we leave behind the “stuff” going on and just get present. If you need to take a couple more do it, get present in this moment so you too can hang out with me at the Giving Pond – Here is a picture:

Ahhhh, this is my life today – letting my intuition, my higher self, the universe whatever you want to call that place that gives you guidance outside of your head. I found myself on my way home from a working meeting all excited and also needing to catch up with someone, but my gut said "hold on a minute lady! You need to collect yourself before you go forward."

The Giving Pond was on my way home, and I was drawn to take time to listen more to what my inner guidance system had to say. I chose to stop doing, risk disappointing someone so that I could actually show up with a clear, rested, happy mind and soul. I’m pretty sure they will be grateful with that decision, because that has been my finding since I have been living a life of Me First Self Care.

I am living a productive life with great relationships and abundance in all areas of my life. So much better than when I used to run ragged from place to place, and person to person, with little bits of focus and energy. I hear the joy and gratitude from my friends, family and clients when I am able to show up less frequently but so much more focused and authentic.

Here are a few things that I do, and you might want to consider, so you too can enjoy this kind of day-to-day bliss:

* At night when I get home late, I stop and look up at the sky to check out the moon and the stars – helps me to see possibilities and gives me a second of quiet

* When I am driving and I spot something pretty, I pull over for second to embrace it, I still get to where I need to go and my life is still really productive and my relationships are happy.

* When it's time to eat, I don’t do it standing up on the run, I take the couple of minutes to sit and actually acknowledge what I am eating. Being 5 minutes late for something has not ruined my life, but indigestion is a whole other thing!

* When I hear a child laugh, I stop, look and laugh back! They show us how to be – in the moment!

What might you be missing when you are running from place to place? What little things can you stop and do that allow you to take a minute to feed your soul? What are the little things that you can do during your day to notice the things you might be missing along the way????

As you're starting to get the hang of this MeFirst Self Care approach and lifestyle, give yourself permission to play and try new things and notice how your awareness shifts. Little by little, I'll bet you'll find more calm and presence, and more moments of happiness along the way!

I hope you have found this informative and helpful and continue to follow me on this empowered journey to a stress free, appreciated life that you love! If you are new, please go back and take a look at some of the other blog posts and sign up to follow me here on this blog, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and now You Tube! Come on back for my next post, 'Til then, enjoy the journey!

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