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Today I am living the life that I want, doing what I love to do, having fun and really owning and experiencing my journey. All my relationships are flourishing, and I keep trying on new and exciting opportunities that fulfill me.  My whole life has been about helping others to create this same space, and that is why I chose to become a certified Life Coach. My long background in nursing, and corporate leadership, along with my own personal experiences in moving, changing careers, family care-giving, personal loss, and studying with a variety of healers, has provided me a great deal of experience in helping myself and others move forward in their life while finding balance, fun and joy. 


Life is filled with transitions and stresses; it is how we choose to navigate them that matters. It’s so rewarding for me to see someone have that AHA! moment. Imagine how awesome it will feel when you figure it out, when you achieve that goal you never thought you would reach, when your relationships are more joyful, and you feel more appreciated and content.  This is my passion! 


I am a Life Coach who specializes in helping women in their late teens through their retirement years, who are feeling stressed and unhappy with where they are, are in some transition around family, career, and purpose, or are feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated and want to find more balance and joy in their life.   In working with me, you will learn new tools and skills that will allow you to fully use your inner strengths to own your life and achieve anything you want, regardless of what life is throwing at you. 


Getting to this place of living the life I want was a long, hard, stressful, windy, expensive road that led to the realization that I needed to take care of myself first.  I had been taking care of and giving to others my whole life and I was darn good at it. But I was completely worn out, lost about who I was and what I was doing, my relationships were strained and honestly I would hit the proverbial wall and crash often, being of no use to anyone.  I felt powerless over life, that it was dragging me along with it and that I was on a merry-go-round I could not get off of.  I did not want other women who where living this same kind of life to have to wait as long and go through as many twists and turns as I did, I wanted to pull my learnings together in one place and share them.    


Today, as the SELF Care Empowerment Coach, I work with both individuals and groups. Using my passion, strengths, and humor, I provide structure through goal setting, planning and accountability. I'm your champion! I provide encouragement and tools to help you push past fears and bring out your strengths to reach your goals while enjoying the journey. 





I'm LisaM

My passion is to empower you live the life you want.










IPEC Certified Professional Coach

Certified Energy LeadershipTM Practitioner


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