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Life is filled with transition and it is easy to feel overwhelmed, confused or just stuck on the wheel.  With support, guidance and some new tools and skills you can find your way off the wheel and create the joyful balanced life that you want.  I look forward to being your guide on the journey to reaching your goals.  


For more information on individual coaching click on the button on the left, email me at or sign up here for a complimentary discovery session.  

Group Coaching is a fun way to capitalize on the collective energy of those around you, to create new partnerships all the while creating the plan to reach your goals.  I have some workshops that are ongoing, I have group coaching packages or we can just customize something for you and your group.   
For more information on group coaching opportunities - click on the small group button or email me at

If you are an organization you want successful Leaders.  With the Successful Leadership Program you can achieve better results in less time, with less effort and less stress while having more positive effects on those around us.


This program is set up to help to create a high energy, success oriented leadership environment that is powered by the individuals. It helps individuals develop their own personally effective leadership style that positively influences and changes not only themselves but those whom they work with and thus the organization as a whole. I have standard packages and customizable packages, for more information click here.


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