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Powerful Living Weekend

Love Your Life Again !

Sound Familiar ....? 



Are you a professional business woman who is finding it difficult to get up for work everyday because you are tired, frustrated, and annoyed with everyone at work?

Imagine getting up and feeling excited again about going to work?


Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or dissatisfied at work, or at home?

Do you feel your life is being driven by everyone but you?


Are you at a turning point in your life, ready to shake things up and improve the quality of your life? 

But, not sure what to do next, or how to get there ?


Do you find yourself coming home from work and getting annoyed at the state of your house and start yelling at your kids?

Imagine if you had a plan and tools that helped you to stop yelling and feel happy walking in the house? 


Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night freaking out or worrying because of all the things that did not get done, or still need to get done?

Imagine how awesome it would be if you were able to feel confident, in control,

and get a good night's sleep? 


Do you find yourself taking care of people all day long, then come home to have to help everyone else, and can't find time for yourself?  

 How great would it be to find time in your current schedule to take care of yourself and show up more effectively with your clients, friends, and family? 


Do you sometimes feel like you are just not able to show up effectively for all the people in your life and work?

Imagine having thriving relationships you thoroughly enjoy?


How many times have you just left a relaxing massage or pedicure appointment all mellow only to have someone cut you off in traffic on the way home, and now all that relaxation is gone?

Wouldn't it be great to have a simple way to keep that mellow feeling? 


Are you a woman who hears your inner voice constantly telling you that you are not good enough? Not a good mother, not a good daughter, not a good boss, not a good wife?... Do you find yourself feeling exhausted and disappointed all the time?

How awesome would it be instead to hear your innder voice tell you how amazing you are? 

Would having a deeper understanding of yourself and leaving with a clear and simple approach ...


that you can incorporate into your current schedule and routines that will help you find more time, show up more effectively, and feel more satisfied in your life be something you want?


Are you willing to learn and implement ...


new tools and techniques to help you take back control of your life and create more balance, more joy, more happiness ?

If so, this three day event is for you! 


There is limited seating at this event so we can keep it intimate and provide both individual attention and as well as have everyone benefit from the power and synergies of a small connected group.

I would love to have you attend and gain the benefits and the empowerment from being in a commnity of like-minded women who are on a similar journey! 

What To Expect 

A Few More Details About the Weekend ...


  • Meals: Please provide your own lunch and snacks. There are many fine local restaurants nearby for lunch, or you may choose to bring your own lunch and snacks. Local venues will be provided in your registration packet. 

  • Hotels: To more fully immerse in your Powerful Living Weekend experience, you may wish to stay over at or near the class at your own expense. Suggested locations will be included in your registration packet. 

  • Private Community: As part of this program, you will be invited into a private Facebook community to gain further support and develop a network of peers to help you on your journey.

What You'll Walk Away With ...


  • Your own Personalized SELF Care Plan.

  • Learn what SELF Care really means and how easy it can be to incorporate into your life RIGHT NOW so you can love your life again!

  • Clearly identify what is working and what is not in your life right now

  • Get clarification on what you want for yourself in this next year

  • Understand the blocks that get in your way and how to move past them

  • Learn new tools and techniques that will help you find more time, more balance, more joy, more happiness to improve the quality of your relationships and life

  • Have fun and grow your support network

WHERE and WHEN ...
April 13-15, 2018
(Fri/Sat/Sun; 10a-6p Each Day)
Location To Be Announced
Fri/Sat/Sun, Nov 10-12, 2017
Nassau Inn
10 Palmer Square, Princeton, NJ
10am - 6pm Each Day


  • Upgrade Your Inner Voice  

  • Practice Energy Empowering Techniques 

  • Complete Your SELF Care Plan

  • Celebrate Your Power!





  • Uncover Your Personal Blocks

  • Develop Your Personal Block Busters

  • Uncover Your Uplifting Super Powers

  • Have FUN!


  • What's Working 

  • What's Zapping Your Power

  • Uncover Lost Passions

  • Identify your 3 Key Motivators

  • Initiate your SELF Care Plan




Yes! I'm Ready to Love My Life Again!

Great! I'd love to empower you to do just that in this amazing weekend with other like-minded women on a similar journey!  Let's get you registered so you can check that off your "to-do" list, knowing that help is on the way shortly when you join us for this Powerful Living Weekend! 

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