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Hi, I’m LisaM and I am a Certified Life Coach who specializes in helping women in their late teens through their retirement years, who are experiencing overwhelm and stress in their life and need some structure and support to accomplish their goals. It's my passion to empower women to use their inner strengths to create the life they want to live, so  they can achieve anything they want regardless of what life is throwing at them.  It is through caring for one's SELF first that we are able to show up in a more powerful way.  It's my honor to be part of every womans SELF Care journey.  

Love Your Life Again!


Hi! I am LisaM, I typically work with women who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and underappreciated and unsure how to move forward with their life. 


If you're you're not happy where you are, and are ready and willing to make a positive change in your life give me a call at 908-303-3574 or email me at








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